Orthodontic Services

There are several different choices for orthodontic treatments. Most cases can be treated with traditional fixed-wire braces.

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In some cases, the health of surrounding teeth may be affected. Orthodontic treatment can repair these issues and bring teeth into the proper position.

Fixed-wire braces can take as short as six to eight months to as long as several years to achieve the desired results depending on the severity of tooth crowding issue and what developmental stage of your teeth is currently in. A careful evaluation of the teeth and their position is needed to ensure the teeth move into the correct position, and may require several adjustments to prevent unwanted changes or causing new malocclusion issues.

While it does take time, this conventional orthodontic treatment is safe and effective for both children and adult patients needing corrections. Kids Are Great has had extensive training and clinical experience in orthodontics and has been treating children and adult orthodontic cases over the years.

For some patients, the appearance of the metal brackets, the discomfort of the appliance, and the difficulties in keeping teeth healthy during treatment may deter them from this option. At Kids Are Great Dental, we offer cosmetic options for these patients to help achieve straight teeth while staying comfortable and keeping the treatment discreet. There are other the options to straighten your teeth due to cosmetic concern, time of treatment and/or due to wrong bite or malocclusion issue beside conventional braces.